Looking Back At Panthers History


Written By: T.J. Blanton

One of the most memorable, influential, and beloved Panthers of all time former LB & LBs coach Sam Mills. Sam Mills recorded the clutch interception that lead to the Panthers inaugural win. Perhaps one of things that left the biggest mark on the Carolina franchise was Mills’ inspirational “Keep Pounding” speech he gave to the 2003 Panthers who eventually lost in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Mills battle with cancer has inspired and continues to inspire people who battle with cancer and people who struggle in life. “When I found out I had cancer, there were two things I could do. Quit or Keep Pounding. I kept pounding.” Those words from Mills fill the minds of fans, coaches, and players yearly and you can always see that holds true.

Mills’ #51 is the only number retired by the Panthers and he has a statue outside Bank of America Stadium, Mills played in the USFL then when that fell out he played for the New Orleans Saints & Carolina Panthers both of whom have retired his number.

Sam Mills, a man who will inspire for generations to come, just one of many great parts of the 20 seasons of Carolina Panthers football. Keep it here with CPH as we reflect on some of the amazing moments in Panther history.


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Back To Football


Written By: T.J. Blanton

Friday, the first time in thirteen years the Carolina Panthers took the field for Fan Fest without long time leader and veteran Steve Smith. A huge point of interest for fans, local news stations, and tax payers were all the renovations that took place over the offseason. The first thing you notice is the huge video boards and much improved sound system. You also notice the ribbon boards offer more information and advertisements than ever before. These came into play quickly as the wait for the players to come practice was filled with a new edition of Panthers Huddle and a new series Panthers Camp Confidential, which is a new experiment by the Panthers since they just started a partnership with Time Warner Cable Sports Channel to be pretty much the official Carolina Panthers official television network. I must note that it appears during Panthers Huddle this season they will reflect on memorable moments throughout the 20 seasons of the franchise, the one shown at Fan Fest was Sam Mills’ interception that lead to the Carolina Panthers first win in franchise history. That was later followed by an interview with what the video called “One of Carolina’s favorite sons” and former QB Jake Delhomme. So we finally get to the action and some standouts were TEs Greg Olsen and Ed Dickson. Olsen caught many passes one handed and Dickson ran over DB Thomas DeCoud after which the stadium errupted in an “ooooh.” Later we got to see first hand how the Newton-Benjamin connection would look. Benjamin looked good, he kind of appeared to be showing off his leaping ability, but at least we know what to expect come Sundays this Septemeber. Kenjon Barner looked much improved in both rushing and receiving throughout the day. Cam Newton and Derek Anderson’s passes were a bit high at times, but Cam also just started practicing for the first time in a while and D.A. has been spotty at times through his career. Although worth the mention was D.A. threw a high pass directly towards a DB and WR Benton Bersin snatched it out of mid air. Bersin looks ready to be called up to the active roster, but we’ve been fooled this time of year before. This season looks to be exciting we kickoff a new generation of Panther players as we celebrate 20 amazing seasons.