2014 Panthers – Doomed or Playoff Bound?


Written By: T.J. Blanton

You’ve all heard it, all offseason long. We’re accustomed to all the criticism here in Panther Nation. After losing Smith, LaFell, Ginn, and company everyone assumed automatically the Carolina Panthers would yet again be a terrible team. What most people haven’t realized, or haven’t researched is that our wide reciever corps now had better stats than the guys we had last season. Cotchery had 10 TDs last season, none of our guys last year did that. Add on the fact that these guys are legitimately pissed that the entire football world thinks they’re the worst wideouts in the NFL, and I believe you have a serious threat this season.

Not only are the wideouts determined to prove everyone wrong, but a less than 100% Cam Newton has stayed after practice with recievers to work on things together. I always say projections are about as good as guesses. It’s not definite or a sure answer.


Everyone has been exclaming their excitement with wideouts like Kelvin Benjamin, Tavarres King, Jason Avant, and Brenton Bersin. We are underdogs once again, but like the Panthers have said before “we’re comfortable being the underdogs.” Ladies and Gentleman for our 20th season, we show the entire NFL once again why you never count us out.


Bills @ Panthers: What To Watch For


Written By: T.J. Blanton

Excitement is in the air as preseason technically kicked off with the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame game last night. We Panther fans got an early look at our first preseason opponent in the match up. Preseason for the most part is a good way to evaluate the depth of your roster and find those guys to start at uncertain positions. So without further ado here are my things to watch for this Friday.

1. How well Derek Anderson handles the team

Why this? Well simple you’ll see a lot of D.A. and Joe Webb this offseason, because well it’s preseason and Cam has made it known he’s not near 100%. God forbid anything happen to Cam, we need to know D.A. is able to step up and control our offense.

2. Brenton Bersin

I’m sure you’ve seen all Panthers groups, pages, websites and forums brag on Bersin this offseason. He seems to have the attitude to want to prove he’s game day material, but as I’ve said a million times. We’ve been fooled before by preseason efforts.

3. Tavarres King

Lately there have been people speculating if King could be the next Victor Cruz. You know come out of nowhere and become a household name around the NFL? Well to that I say no, he is not the next Cruz. You know why I say that? Because I say he’s going to be the first Tavarres King, but I agree hopefully he has an ascent to stardom much like the salsa dancing NYG wideout.

4. Defensive Backs

Keep an eye on this area, it should be quite interesting to see how the mostly reworked DB group plays out. With Cason, Harper, DeCoud, Lester, White, Godfrey, and more it should be interesting to see if they bring more to the table than last seasons DB group. Either way, let’s hope Monsterz Inc. AKA our Defensive line keeps feeding them interceptions.

Alright Panther Nation those are my big things to watch for against Buffalo. We can’t watch for too much other than that with it not being a regular season game. Anyways let me know on the CPH facebook page if you guys enjoyed this and I’ll try to do one each week this season!