Admin Profile: T.J. Blanton


Pictured: Catman(Left) & T.J. Blanton(Right) at 2014 Panthers Draft Party

Hello Panther Nation, I’m T.J. you see me post all the time on CPH and now here with our articles. Now get to know me a little better with this Admin Profile.

I’ve been a Panthers fan my whole life, well ever since I was old enough to pay attention to football, so the early 2000s which is almost the beginning of Panthers history. Anyways one of my fondest Panthers memories was my family and I all buying NFC Championship shirts then watching Super Bowl XXXVIII together. It sucked because of the outcome but I’m sure none of us will ever forget the time we got to say we were in a Super Bowl for the first time.

My all time favorite player is Steve Smith, with Smitty being so small and still such an amazing wideout a lot of us grew up loving the guy. Well my current favorite player? That’s a tough one it’s probably between Luke Kuechly & Cam Newton though.

Sadly I didn’t get to go to my first Panthers game until preseason of 2013, but I’m still blessed I was able to go to one. Since then I’ve been even more blessed enough to go to multiple Panthers events and you may have even seen me at one before or in the future.

I’m a huge Panthers fan, I used to get called “That Panthers Guy” by people in my town who didn’t know my name so I took on the name “Carolina Panthers Guy” I’m sure you’ve seen me post as that name somewhere before, you die hards of course.

Well that’s a nice summary, even though I don’t think it’s enough I don’t want to take up all your time.

Here’s how you can find me and contact me:
And of course on CPH


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